We offer our courses as services, because we are aware that learning is a process and not an end point. We are aware that a course, as a product, cannot guarantee that the learners will be motivated to work through the material, or that they have understood everything correctly. A teaching service can.

Providing an education service is time consuming, expensive and difficult. It is not only one set of “slides” are for everyone. It is paying attention to the needs of the learners and bring to the conversation the experts (teachers) who can solve the doubts and support all participants to grow. Therefore, the outcomes are much more dramatic for all involved, when education is a service. A good teaching service adds all the intangible aspects that a product cannot: listening, personal interaction, challenges, the drive to succeed and the sense of a learning community.

Many organizations and institutions offer courses online, the majority of these fall more into the product than the service category. Traditional online correspondence courses involve little more than receiving learning materials and exams by email, to be worked through in isolation.

However, ubium’s new style of teaching service fully embraces the possibilities offered by technology and broadens this experience immensely, creating a real service rather than just a product. Ubium combines learning products and services to present a package that has the best of both.