MINE – Editor for storytelling

MINE is the acronym for: Meaningful Interactive Narratives with the Environment. 

MINE is an user friendly platform where the author can create lineal or branched stories connected to their environment.


We produce MINE step by step, starting our experience with this powerful tool back in our studies in 2007. Our first development of MINE was with MUPE – Nokia-developed open source mobile platform based on Java. Today, MINE is a full web-app to support cross-platform technologies.

We co-create MINE in collaboration with our partners across different projects. The tool is in constant development. The main mission of MINE is to create narratives (stories) that are knitted with an environment with the goal to produce a playful learning experiences.

The following video illustrates how MINE works, illustrated within the project: “Elämän Pitkospuut project – Digital Stories

Access and Instructions

You can request your account in here: MINE Platform

Instructions on how to use MINE follow this link: https://ubium.net/blog/mine-instruccions/

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