The services we offer are fundamental to achieve our vision. We offer our expertise to empower others and to team with others, then together we can create experiences that trigger curiosity in order to discover, learn and gain knowledge about our world. Our services can be delivered in the form of consultancy, contribution in projects or through potential courses. Get in contact and we will tailor our service to your needs.

Contextual research 

Context is a critical foundation for any project. When planning to bridge physical assets and virtual resources, understanding your context is fundamental. We recognize three dimensions of context: environmental, intersubjective, and subjective. We are happy to help you to discover and analyze these different dimensions in your own context to achieve the goals of your project.

Our research utilizes qualitative and quantitative methods. The studies are done according to the specific circumstances tailored to answer the questions and needs of the customer.

We want to bring research and quality assurance close to you!

Learning experiences in context

Playful knowledge in Context

This course has been developed with our partners in North Karelia, Finland. The aim of this course is to promote an intense and rich exchange of knowledge between participants while creating a local impact. The course aims to solve a real life challenge (e.g. environmental, technological, cultural) in context. Hence together, we explore, reflect and co-create a solution. We utilize Game Design and Design Thinking techniques to discover the new environment and new ways of thinking.

Landscape Literacy Workshop

Participants will learn to read the signs of natural and cultural phenomena perceivable in the landscape. Participants will also learn where different materials for developing landscape literacy in addition to field exercise can be found in general, and specifically in Finland if wanted.

Web and mobile development

We have expertise in different web development frameworks, such as React and Vue.js. On the back-end side we can use Node.js for example with GraphQL and an appropriate database system.
We can develop Android applications with Java and Flutter. The latter can also be used for iOS apps.
Additionally, we are aware of the user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) design issues across different platforms.

New interactions 

In many cases we underuse the technologies that we possess, from mobile phones to our own websites. When we know the purpose of an application and the context where it will be deployed, then it is the time to be creative and expand our current possibilities. Today we have endless technical possibilities to create new systems.

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