Video: Windows to the World

Originally, we thought to release this video after the summer holidays. The idea behind that deadline was to reach our partners (most of them might be in holidays now) and with the video trigger an smile on them from our adventures at the beginning of the year.

However, as we presented a glimpse of the video at iCOMM 2016 and from that talk we compromise to share the video with different parties then…. Today we decide to publish officially the video in our website. Then, it is our honor to present the wonderful work of mekastamo and publicly thank the work of talented persons (Claire and Christian) who help us into creating something meaningful for an audience.

Without further ado, here is the video Window to the World, please enjoy!


written by cais

iCOM 2016 – presentation at the Market Place

This year iCOM was in Milano, Italy. The event was spectacular. Ubium presented its project Windows to the World at the Market Place of Exhibitions and Ideas organized by the ICEE committee.

It was a 5 min presentation, so very challenging. In this post we want to share our message to you and in a later post we want to share our impressions from iCOMM 2016.

Due to the importance of this presentation, we decided to present the video we had prepared from Windows to the World project. So, here is our presentation where the video is embedded:

or alternatively as a premier you can also watch “Windows to the World” video in here:

We also can share your our rational behind all these work:

Display windows are used by museums and stores to attract visitors to their facilities. Display windows are often located at larger windows in the front facade and inside the lobby of the facility. For centuries, the objects displayed at the display windows have been the same, that is dressing the window while displaying the relevant objects with their corresponding descriptions.

Today museums have to compete for the visitors’s attention through an increasing number of amenities, e.g. with amusement parks, shopping malls, digital entertainment, and distance education. Furthermore, we live in an era where the design of services focuses on user experience. Thus, it is time to question how museums can increase their visitors’ user experience when harmonizing with the museum’s objectives and museum’s learning agenda?

Windows to the World is our first exploration to offer new possibilities to museums. We conceptualized and developed a photography and musical exposition with a digital interaction through the display windows of the exhibit. For 24 / 7 during 45 days the photographs and orchestra music was available for enjoyment for anyone at front of the display windows.

Furthermore an interactive digital game matching the exhibit was developed and integrated with tools to deliver further information to pedestrians. Thus, individuals were allowed to interact with the exhibit through the display window and gain further information about it and increase interest about it. The set up allows to know how many observers transform themselves as active visitors during their interaction with the windows.

Thank you for reading!

written by caislas

Behind scenes – Windows to the World

A brief story of the effort behind Windows to the World project

As you know, we came with the idea to do something for the windows of Kauppahalli in Joensuu sometime in spring 2015. If you see the windows in the current state, they are really boring. We wanted to do something interactive with them for the people in the city.

View to Kauppahalli Windows
View to Kauppahalli Windows in Joensuu, Finland

The city contacted us and we talked with them early November and agree with them to come with the an idea to do something for the windows by March 2016. However to agree on a date means that the challenge just starts. The concept, Windows to the World, emerged until December 2016.

There was not much time to produce something of quality. But it is thank you to an incredible team that this project was possible.

Dings develop almost all the hardware of this project. It was a demanding job, and I do not have real photos behind scenes of this stage. While in Finland we prepare other aspects of needed for the game to function for example:

Measure the windows in freezing temperature

Measuring the windows
Measuring the windows

We make a layout, to be sure of what we wanted, and for this project the measures needed to be precise!

Making a layout out on the windows
Making a layout out on the windows

Analyse the amount of light to be sure the technology will work.

Analysing the amount of light
Analysing the amount of light

On Feb. 23, our partners of joenkilpituote came to put the layout to our windows.

Installing the material surround the window
Installing the material surround the window

Look how GREAT is the result:

Transformation of the windows started
Transformation of the windows started

Then we went to pick up the photos of the exposition, that our partners from Kuvanilma printed.

Picking up the printouts
Picking up the printouts

Finally, on 25th of February, our partner from Germany arrieved and it is time to integrate the technology and do A LOT of tests.

Picking up the printouts
Picking up the printouts

We embellish more the windows adding some black background, and tests continue while we were also setting up the installation. There were several details to take care of (e.g. the music of the exhibit, the sounds of the game, the set-up of the equipment) under really freezing temperatures.

Challenges were constant. For example the second windows was not really working, or challenges at the twilight….  but we always look the way to solve the challenge! 🙂

Testing and installation continue...
Testing and installation continue…

Also play testing was important

Testing gameplay with really special players! :)
Testing gameplay with really special players! 🙂

Also testing at night….

Night testing
Night testing

An last but not least, leaving all ready for the opening:

Final details
Final details

all in time to have “Windows to the World” ready for our public! 🙂


Written by caislas



Children playing at Windows to the World exhibit!

Great to see that these girls enjoying the game!

After a big effort of all the team involved, it is in this moments that everything pays off. When one can see people enjoying the exhibit and/or playing the game in this case.

To allow others to enjoy while discovering their environment is a special mission. It is to create life while supporting a process of learning, playing and communicating.

Windows to the World official opening

On Tuesday March 1st, 2016 at 3:30pm, we were at front of Kauppahalli building in downtown Joensuu, Finland. We were at front of the two windows which are hosting our temporal exhibition.

This exposition is outstanding for several reasons, among those:
(i) it will be open 24 hrs for 31 days 
(ii) it is accessible to anyone who walks on this sidewalk
(iii) It combines arts (photography and music) with technology 
(iv) people can interact at any time with the exhibition. 

As you can see in the following photo, March 1st was a cold day here in Joensuu. However, independently of the weather people join us.

Minutes before the opening (photo taken by R. Albert)

The exhibition, Windows to the World, was officially open at 3:30pm and the lace was cut by our artists:

Our artists opening the exhibition: Claire Lacey (music) and D40oom (photography). Photo taken by R. Albert .

The exhibition invites the people to think about 4 particular topics relevant in our time: Technology, Nature, City and Crowd.

In a following posts we will present the different aspects of this exhibition. Now, let us celebrate that is finally open to the public. Below a photo of the team which work on all the last details before this day!.

Carolina Islas (from ubium), Chrstian Schweikert (representing D40oom and Dings), Claire Lacey (representing the music granted by cassisb) and Mikko Vinni (ubium).  Photo taken by R. Albert

Additionally, our partners oversees made also publicity to the event as:


Information about the event on Cassisb's news
Information about the event on Cassisb’s news


Information about the event on D40oom's news
Information about the event on D40oom’s news

Next, the most important persons is you and we hope you enjoy the exhibit!

– caislas