Children playing at Windows to the World exhibit!

Great to see that these girls enjoying the game!

After a big effort of all the team involved, it is in this moments that everything pays off. When one can see people enjoying the exhibit and/or playing the game in this case.

To allow others to enjoy while discovering their environment is a special mission. It is to create life while supporting a process of learning, playing and communicating.

Windows to the World official opening

On Tuesday March 1st, 2016 at 3:30pm, we were at front of Kauppahalli building in downtown Joensuu, Finland. We were at front of the two windows which are hosting our temporal exhibition.

This exposition is outstanding for several reasons, among those:
(i) it will be open 24 hrs for 31 days 
(ii) it is accessible to anyone who walks on this sidewalk
(iii) It combines arts (photography and music) with technology 
(iv) people can interact at any time with the exhibition. 

As you can see in the following photo, March 1st was a cold day here in Joensuu. However, independently of the weather people join us.

Minutes before the opening (photo taken by R. Albert)

The exhibition, Windows to the World, was officially open at 3:30pm and the lace was cut by our artists:

Our artists opening the exhibition: Claire Lacey (music) and D40oom (photography). Photo taken by R. Albert .

The exhibition invites the people to think about 4 particular topics relevant in our time: Technology, Nature, City and Crowd.

In a following posts we will present the different aspects of this exhibition. Now, let us celebrate that is finally open to the public. Below a photo of the team which work on all the last details before this day!.

Carolina Islas (from ubium), Chrstian Schweikert (representing D40oom and Dings), Claire Lacey (representing the music granted by cassisb) and Mikko Vinni (ubium).  Photo taken by R. Albert

Additionally, our partners oversees made also publicity to the event as:


Information about the event on Cassisb's news
Information about the event on Cassisb’s news


Information about the event on D40oom's news
Information about the event on D40oom’s news

Next, the most important persons is you and we hope you enjoy the exhibit!

– caislas