Ubium invites you to view their new temporary exhibit

Ubium invites you to view their new temporary exhibit

Windows to the World’

Joensuu Market Hall, Finland
March 2016

In recent years, the Finnish national budget assigned to education has been in constant decline. This reduction has had a detrimental effect on research and development of different fields including the Arts and Culture. Simultaneously, we live in an era where the Western economy has seen the demise of its manufacturing industry and is becoming more and more reliant on the growth innovation can bring. Many organizations are trying to redress this issue by encouraging innovation through competitions. Ubium believes innovation through collaboration could be as, if not more, effective a starting point. Especially now when global networks mean social interaction has no borders.

Ubium, a ‘start up’ company based in Joensuu, is committed to innovating new ways of learning and creating, playfully, through the help of technology. Their focus has revolved around the use of cross cultural themes as a trigger for research and development. Inspiration, curiosity and motivation to learn are activated and encouraged within a given time structure towards a specified goal. Good communication and transferable skills being essential to a successful and meaningful outcome.

Windows to the World – is a non-funded public art project, presented freely to the people of Joensuu. They can listen to music, look at photographs, read our story and reflect on the composition’s message. They can also test their memory skills through an interactive sound and light game by touching the sensors on the outside of the two windows.

Ubium and all partners/sponsors have contributed their time, resources and expertise freely towards the realization of this idea. Contributors originate from Finland, Mexico, Germany, America and the UK. A full list of names/companies can be found on the QR next to the exhibit.

Launch party
You are warmly invited to join us for the official opening of Windows to the World

  • Tuesday, 1st of March, 3.30pm outside the Joensuu Market Hall / Kauppahalli,
    Koskikatu 2, 80100 Karttalinkki
  • You will be able to meet the team
  • Then join us for an informal drink at the closest pub, 60s Palaver, Kauppakatu 22, 80100. Here we hope to bring together people interested in sharing ideas, experiences and knowledge on topics such as social education, networking, learning through computer gaming and technology, travel, culture, innovation…
  • We would also be very grateful to receive any feedback from the visual, auditory and interactive properties of our project towards further research or development
  • If you would prefer to send us your feedback, learn more about the project or just be put on our mailing list, please leave us your details or contact us through our blog at the website http://ubium.net/projects/kauppahalli/ or email feedback [at] ubium.net
  • Please note a short video film of this event will be taken


You are welcome to be a part of our journey!
Ubium and on behalf of all the Windows to the World’s partners and sponsors, Thanks!