Life stories in Finland

Are you looking for stories in Finnish to practice your language skills?,
Are you teaching Finnish to someone else?,
Would you like to write stories for people learning Finnish?,
Do you want to discover Finland?

When at least one of your answers is affirmative then we would like to talk with you!

If you are interested to know more about how we can help each other, please register to our project’s list Suomea Tarinat  by register your information below:

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Some background information:

Learning a new language takes time. Often adults aim to learn a second language by enrolling themselves in a course(s), or by buy books to learn, also by utilizing apps to memorize words, etc.  All those channels are useful.

However, we notice that  when children learn a language, they are surrounded by stories which are meaningful for them. Those stories often are told by their parents or through books.  Nevertheless,  “adults” often do have access to meaningful stories, as second language learners, that allow them to understand words and sentences in context.  Stories are important as they offer meaning to the words through sentences, paragraphs across the whole narrative.

As members of Ubium are learning the Finnish language, and we that learning Finnish as a second language, or any other language, implies personal effort and community support. To complement the existing tools, we started to write short stories to support the learning curve.

The stories emerge from our daily life in Finland. They utilize vocabulary that multiple books and sites are using to teach Finnish language, hence the stories help the readers to practice their vocabulary. Each story has been also controlled by Finnish native speakers.

Hope we can help each other sharing small stories that allows to learn Finland and learn Finnish!